Roughly an expansion of the story Vignettes” (which you can read in the words section), Portraits from the Fringes takes a group of narrators, (Geoff Cordner, Lydia Lunch, authors Iris Berry & Zora Von Burden, Thelonious Monster singer Bob Forrest and several yet-to-be-determined others) telling stories about their lives. The stories are interwoven forming a loose overall narrative that follows these characters through the punk rock days and the debauchery of the 80s that followed as they crash and/or meander through the fringes of Hollywood, New York, San Francisco, Texas, and elsewhere on a sometimes vague and often drug, alcohol, sex, adrenaline & desperation fueled search for identity. There are side trips through the gutter punk days, living in fleabag hotels on the voucher system, peepshows, punk shows, strip clubs, tattoo parlors, back alleys, the Oki Dog stand on Santa Monica Blvd, and just about anywhere and everywhere else someone had faint hopes a good time could be found or funded.

Hotel Hopscotch, narrated by Zora Von Burden, won an award at the Lucid Underground Media Film Festival this past September. In this clip, Zora talks about the various kinds of hotels available to homeless kids on the voucher system in the mid 80s. In Bob 1967, Thelonious Monster's Bob Forrest talks about childhood in suburbia.

Portraits from the Fringes is directed by Geoff Cordner and produced by Geoff Cordner & Brian McNelis (Better Living Through Circuitry, Call it Democracy, East of Sunset) for Parasite Productions.

Thelonious Monster singer Bob Forrest is working on a solo album, and one of the songs he'd covered was Randy Newman's haunting Louisiana 1927, a song about the floods, the destruction of the levees and the government not giving a rat's ass, which suddenly became very relevant, AGAIN... A few samples were added, I was asked to do a video, and the results can be seen here.

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